Return Policy

By order to join or join a member, you agree to the store terms of service and this return policy.
If you do not agree, please do not order goods, avoid disputes, thank you
Due to international logistics and customs duties, Malaysia/Singapore cannot provide return service, please pay special attention
(Unfortunately, we can't offer refunds service to international destinations. )
Major defects/missing goods

  • Please take a photo first, use the message or FB or email to contact us. After being judged to be a major defect/missing, we will unconditionally reissue the new product (the relevant shipping cost will be borne by us).
  • Major defects: We will reissue new products directly for you, please keep or discard the goods.
    • The thread head, slight off-line, very small stain, size 2~3cm error, buttonhole not open, screen color difference or some color difference caused by the ambient light source of the product are all acceptable in the international inspection standard, so it is not awkward. For the reason of the major defect return.
  • Incorrect item/size error: We will reissue the correct item directly for you.

Other considerations

  • We reserve the right to suspend or terminate all or part of your purchase and service eligibility if you request multiple reissues due to personal factors or defamatory definitions, so please forgive me.
  • We reserve the right to amend, change or revoke the relevant return policy. When ordering goods, please read the latest version of the return policy to avoid disputes.