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Plain price. Quality of international manufacturers
The products are made by China International OEM OEMs specializing in Japanese, Korean, European and American brands, and the quality is comparable to international manufacturers.
We only offer single official website sales, no physical storefront and big-name artist endorsements or other channels to draw costs
So you can provide a flat price for you.

Quality control and shipment
All goods are subject to the following four quality controls to ensure that the goods delivered to you are perfect.
1. Factory production inspection
2. Factory goods warehouse inspection
3. Commodity purchase (our warehouse) quality inspection
4. Commodity shipment packaging (send to consumers) + quality inspection (line head. defect. dirty. accessories, etc.)

International logistics delivery
Malaysia/Singapore, all orders are unified and shipped by Taiwan headquarters
And with ACS international logistics transfer, the local ninjavan is responsible for distribution.

Delivery time
Shipment completed within 48H from the time of placing the order (excluding holidays)
Delivery to Malaysia or Singapore in approximately 1-2 days after shipment
And customs clearance inspection and then transferred to ninjavan distribution
Ninjavan local delivery time is about 2-3 days
You will receive the goods about 5-6 days after the order is placed.